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A dragon brat tries to blackmail her coach and it backfires spectacularly.
Visual Novel
A mini-nukige about *another* monster girl brothel.
Lewd fruit girls in full bloom, tantalizing any human men who can't keep their hands to themselves.
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A short eroge about a young man who goes hunting for urban legends. He finds what he was looking for.
A doujinshi about a seedy bar where customers have their way with beautiful monster girls.
A peek into the working world of monster girls who can't keep their hands to themselves.
Supplemental material for new hires of "Sylvie's Bar". Not for children.
Another night at Sylvie's Bar. Another failed performance by The Pale Girls.
Pixel-art style harpy GF simulator for the cultured.
Two short comics about monster girls in spats.
Another day at Sylvie's Bar: Your choice of monster girl date awaits.
A shrimpy part-timer gets revenge against his hot but awful boss.
Lurid stories of monster girls who just can't keep their hands to themselves.
A lewd lore guide for harpy variants.
A dungeon-crawling revenge story about a cranky pumpkin girl.
A young man has a short encounter with a sexy swamp witch.
Visual Novel
Executive chef Bernice Flay struggles to find a gift for her boss.
​The second "Mamano Hidamari" short.
Want to cook steak? We got you, fam.
A man encounters a girl from the future who changes his life forever.
Visual Novel