A shrimpy part-timer gets revenge against his hot but awful boss.
A comic showing the lecherous and sordid activities that go on in the monster girl bar, "Sylvie's Bar."
Another day at Sylvie's Bar: Your choice of monster girl date awaits.
A dungeon-crawling revenge story about a cranky pumpkin girl.
Lurid stories of monster girls who just can't keep their hands to themselves.
A light-hearted RPG for monster girl enthusiasts (and you).
Role Playing
Executive chef Bernice Flay struggles to find a gift for her boss.
New, improved emote balloons!
​The second "Mamano Hidamari" short.
Make a cute fox girl or cat girl with these monster girl sprite templates!
A cute Ratatoskr NPC sprite for your GBStudio project!
Want to cook steak? We got you, fam.
​Anubis sprites that you can use in your Gbstudio game!
Base sprites that you can use for structural building or drag-and-drop.
A short visual novel by Outis Media.
Visual Novel
Kobold sprites, original design from Monster Girl Quest
A trio of Titania sprites you can use for your GBStudio game.
95% done
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