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"Fruits of the Forest: Fruit Girls in Full Bloom!" is a viewfinder game by Outis Media. It is loaded with lore about various fruit-variant alarunes, sweet and savory monster girls who occupy every corner of the globe. The viewfinder contains useful tidbits on these creatures that occupy the worlds of the Outis Media IPs, as well as plenty of spicy illustrations.

Deluxe Edition

The "Fruits of the Forest" viewfinder is free, but only comes with the base game. The "Deluxe Edition" contains super high-res versions of all illustrations, plus bonus lewd sketch pages by the artist behind the fanciful fruit girls, TUS.


Programming & Programming Assist... Mauller

Captions/Font-Setting... M.E. Hatch ("Indecent Lives of Monster Girls," "Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp")

Illustrations and Sprites... TUS ("Sylvie's Bar: Backdoor Divas (Helga)")

Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorOutis Media
TagsAdult, Anime, Erotic, Hentai, monster-girl, monstergirl, monster-girls, monstergirls, NSFW


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Is this game gay? My laptop can't run the browser version and I don't want to waste my time downloading just to have to play as another generic white guy

Please read the descriptions and glance over the previews to find out what the IPs do and don't contain.


This is really well made, will there be more lesbian scenes, btw? 


Nothing specific planned for now, but it's definitely on the table.


Non funziona

so its just lore? ok thats cool i guess

For now it is just a simple viewfinder that doesn't cost anything (unless you want some bonus content and to tip us for the work). However, you may see this characters reappear in the near future in other works...


Seems the update was a bit rushed.  the .PCK file wasn't named correctly (give it the same filename as the executable)


Sorry for another amateurish mistake on our part. This should be fixed this, as well, now.

I cant really see the text on more info because my screen is too small

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I have the same issue as theNinjaGuy914 and PrestonLK. Startup fullscreen is too large and the browser version isn't working properly.


Sorry for the trouble, we are working on this issue at the moment. This is our first Godot game and we're doing our best to iron out the kinks, so we appreciate your patience.


Could you add a screen size option or make the screen snap to your screen size if possible. When I boot up the game, the game does go fullscreen, but the game window is too large so the text and buttons go off the screen.
I tried playing on the browser version as well and, well, it wouldn't load for me.  It just fails to fetch. I am running on Windows.


I've got this issue as well


Currently working on a fix for this. Wasn't expecting to have an issue at lower resolutions, given the simple nature of the game. Everything works properly at 1920x1080p, but obviously that doesn't help people running lower resolution monitors. Also doing my best to work out the issues with the browser version.