"A window into the mundane but lewd everyday lives of monster girls."


Thank you for coming, step right this way. This is a window into the mundane but lewd everyday lives of monster girls. These stories are intended for adults and are absolutely not for children. Please make yourself at home and watch as the lovely monster girls involve themselves in all kinds of debauchery and indecent accidents.

Bern's Golden Showtime

In our first story, "Bern's Golden Showtime," Bernice Flay is a full-time harpy waitress who's chronically underappreciated and overworked. As her personal debt situation begins to spiral out of control, an indecent idea occurs to her that could quickly bail her out .

It's the sort of thing that disgusts and offends her, but... is it a viable option?

Jinko Yoga Lessons

Then we have "Jinko Yoga Lessons," a tale of a thirsty 30-something jinko teacher with an insatiable appetite for the one human male in her class.  The jinko has her eyes  on what she wants and she won't take  no for an answer. Will the young man's body be able to withstand her lecherous assault?

Includes PDF of the story plus HD versions of the illustrations.


Story by M.E. Hatch.

Artwork by Rush21Hit.

Published by Monster Box.


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Ran into a couples of issues. After I clicked download, there was no prompt stating that the book was indeed being downloaded, but I found out that I had been downloading every time I clicked and there was massive flood of the pdfs in my downloads folder.

Following this, I can't seem to get the PDF to open, even though I have an up-to-date Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hi! Sorry for the trouble. Regarding the download, that's either a complication with Itch.io (there's an insane number of downloads from the site going on right now, so that's a possibility) or something with the download manager on your computer.

Regarding opening the PDF, try opening it with a Firefox extension or even just dragging-and-dropping it into a Firefox (or Chrome) tab. One of these should work.

Let me know if you continue to have any trouble! Thanks for purchasing.