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You play a nameless coach who oversees a ragtag band of monster girl athletes. The girls are polite but clingy and most of them are content letting you whip them into shape. They really are a force to be reckoned with on and off the field.

But there's one who's become hell-bent on making you suffer--a shortstack dragon named Freya von Knox who's plump in all the right places.

She has you right where she wants you, and can ruin your life at any moment with the dirt she's scraped up. But her classmate is sick of her antics, and is willing to give you her weakness.

It's time to fuck that rotten brat into submission.

Note: Only the "Deluxe" Edition contains high-res downloads of HCGs, character sprites and bonus artwork. If you play the free game and enjoy it, we highly recommend you check out the goodies in the deluxe edition.

Scenario/Programming... M.E. Hatch

Programming Assist... Silumansoft


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Updated 14 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorOutis Media
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, ecchi, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, monster-girl, monstergirl, monster-girls, monstergirls, NSFW


Get this game and 5 more starting at $6.99
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Will have for android?

Yes, it's taking longer than expected and we're dealing with some other stuff so we appreciate your patience.

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Oh ok, its ok, dont need hurry up, i dont know much about schedule buy o think is hard, i can wait.

It's not rape or mind break, is it?

I don't know if you noticed, but the deluxe edition is labeled as the free version and vice versa.

This issue has been fixed. The underlying files were properly named, but the displayed names were incorrect. Thank you for being kind enough to point it out nonetheless.

Linux version does not work stuck at loading tyrano script.


Coming over here to second this. The linux build does have a few issues, ran into a minor one and one that is the breaking issue:


  • I normally use Lutris as a launcher and it gets confused trying to run the game? It seems to be trying to run the wrong thing and I’m not sure why. Launches fine from terminal or just double-clicking the binary tho

The bad one:

There seems to be some problem with the engine implementation. Since this is all trying to fire up electron and whatnot, I’m assuming you haven’t touched any C++ or anything of the sort so it’s probably not something you yourself did, but it’s broken alright.

As mentioned by OP here, the window title will get stuck at “Loading TyranoScript” but if you’re launching from the CLI it does tell where things go wrong and it’s an OpenGL problem.

[56791:0815/090548.279625:ERROR:buffer_manager.cc(488)] [.DisplayCompositor]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from previous GL command

Seems it’s trying to read from an uset Buffer or something of the like. Pretty good chance that’s why it’s not displaying anything at the very least


I am still waiting for the android version


We haven't forgotten you! We've managed to export the game to an android build, but the remaining 10% of getting the process to work is proving more complicated than we anticipated. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you I was starting to think you forgot about my request my sincere apologies

Don't pay for this game until they actually fix the game not aligning properly in fullscreen. The issue was reported since day one and they still haven't fixed it more than a month later, they also said nothing afterwards, not even a way to fix it manually.

We've fixed the issue. If you re-download the game, you should be able to switch to full-screen. You'll need to switch to borderless fullscreen from the config menu, as it will still have a border if you do so using the "maximize" button. Please let us know if you have any issues.

As you've probably noticed from following our dev logs, we've been juggling a lot of plates lately and we've ended up neglecting some of our previous releases a bit.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for taking an interest in the game in the first place. We hope this fixes any bumps in the road you've run into.

Thank you, even a reply would have been fine, it just felt like the VN was abandoned with the lack of reply. I take back my works. 

Hey man, I get how it can be frustrating when things don’t work. But you gotta cut these sort of indie teams some slack. Most of them are something between 1-5 people working on some project that (like this one if you want to) is available for free, just asking people to give money if they feel like it. Also because of that they pretty much always have these as side projects and most of their time is dedicated to some other job that pays the rent. A lot of these people are also discovering the kinks and weird stuff in their tools as they go along.

It’s fine to be frustrated, I myself have got it and haven’t been able to run the game at all yet and yeah, it sucks. But keep this all in mind, this is not the same as <massive studio> just leaving things broken because they don’t care


I'm normally not like that, but at the time of writing this comment, there were no replies from the devs for a while and it seemed abandoned. I would have been fine with just a reply aswell honestly. But still, it's frustrating when you wait like 1 month for a game to be properly playable and there's still no news from it.

Having trouble getting this running through wine. I normally run wine games using Lutris as a manager but it seems Node has a hissy fit somewhere. Manually calling WINEPREFIX=<prefix> wine <game_binary> the game then loads but after the background with the lockers fades in the game stops responding to any input. It just stays forever in that image apparently. I’m going to keep trying for the moment. Just posting here to see if anyone else had issues, or if someone else does, to show they’re not alone.

No idea what engine this is (so don’t know to look for specific workarounds or how easy/hard it would be to…) Any chance of a native Linux release?


We've added a Linux version. Please give it a try and tell us if you have any issues.

When is Mac version coming out?

We're having issues exporting into Mac, unfortunately this is a very silly engine limitation where it won't let you export into an OS different from the one you're working in.

We're doing our best to work something out. For now, it might be best to try the android version once we've completed it. Sorry for the trouble.

When are you gonna fix the fullscreen bug? Or can you provide some solution atleast?

Still working on the android version?


 When is the MAC version coming out?

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When is the android version coming out?

We're still working on it.

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i wish the game was longer 

I just hope coach is not an old fart. It ruins the mood...


The art looks phenomenal




zips up pants "I fail to see the difference"


Why not lay then slay?


Why not slay then lay?


There are many ways to slay a dragon...



if you only want the full game (the demo has the same content, i feel scammed)


The page explains that the deluxe edition is the same game plus some bonus goodies and acts as a donation. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. We hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless.

Please make a android


Working on it.


Thanks Hatch.




What did he mean by this

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For those unaware, the term “kamige” literally means “god game” in Japan, but it's probably better translated as “god-tier game”

Basically they're saying your game is God Tier.


I was just memeing, but it was interesting to learn this. Very flattered to get such a nice compliment, and thank you for the useful bit of JP knowledge. <3